Better Analytics For Your Business

We are a team incredibly hard-working, talented, skilled and dedicated to delivering what was promised actually thinking outside the box.


Our service portfolio is a diverse one, encompassing a wide range of analytical and digital transformation services comprising Customer Analytics, HR Analytics, Digital Analytics, Demand forecasting & Recommendation engines in specific, Business intelligence and visualization, Machine learning and Artificial intelligenc and more

Analytics Solutions

Our data analytics team help clients make sense of data and discover useful information with supportive decision making.


We provide classroom and online training with advanced curriculum mapped with industry requirements that helps an individual achieve their career growth.


We provide consulting services to benefit from integrated solutions that rely on the optimal technology stack, allowing clients to save their costs, improve performance and grow their business.

Why Sudiksha Analytics?

Analytics Solutions

    Certified Experts.
    High Performance Solutions.
    360 Degree Solution.
    Advanced Technology Usage.
    Data Management Support.

Data Management

Our data management team can help turn your data into organized, manageable reports, actionable insights. We can assess your needs and propose solutions for data entry, data migration, data cleaning, and data storage on safe and secure servers.


Our team of IT experts collaborates with you on a scalable basis to assist with key IT infrastructure functions such as cloud services, website development, data security, custom software development, as well as platform based solutions and application development.

We can help you identify areas of your business where technology can enhance your productivity, implement the solution, and manage the maintenance for you by driving business growth.



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