Why Learn Python?

Why Python

Python is used everywhere in this running world and it is a fast growing, most popular and used programming language. It was created by Gudio Van Rossum and first released in 1991.

"Python is a high level, interpreted, general-purpose language"

An interpreted language is a type of programming language for which most of it implementations execute instructions directly and freely without previously compiling a program into Machine Learning instruction.

In this running world python is used in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, GUI, Web Development and so on, so that’s why we also called as general-purpose language.

Python can be used to create applications portables on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Here, we have many languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript and many but still python is famous.

We all know python is not a new language because Java is released in 1995 where as python came in 1989, so its way before java.

When the first java came, every enterprise market and every one started using Java. At that time python is used only for learning the language for the first, there is a research scientist group for the Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning. When the advancement in these fields makes the researchers that they don’t want to spend much time on learning programming language because some one says Java is like a ocean and never ending process to learn, so that’s why they went for the easiest language available is python.

Yes,  Python is very easy to learn and simpler than C, C++, Java. Now-a-days most of the companies like Google, Youtube are the part of python language.

Python is very easy to learn for technical and non-technical background. Python has the multiple versions like:

- Python 1.x

- Python 2.x

- Python 3.x

In this 2020 year, the python 2.0 is no longer available. So, we finally need to learn is python 3.x the latest version till date, Python 3.8.1 is the latest version released on 18th December 2019

Features of Python

Python is a scientific language and it is simple and easy to learn because of its clear syntax and readability. There are many languages and all have their own speciality , but there are the features of any language that make it unique. Every project is chosen based on the features. The features of the python are:


1. Simple and easy to learn: Python is a very easy language to understand, python has a very simple syntax than other programming language and python is very fast language to learn.

2. Free and Open-Source: Basically python is freely available and you can download in this link [Download](https://www.python.org/downloads/). It is open-source that means the source code is easily available to public.

3. High-Level Language: Python is high level language, on other hand is more human readable. There is no need to manage the memory, this makes it more programmer friendly.

4. **Portability**: Python is portable, it can run on any operating system. We can use the python code written on one system to another system without making any change.

5. **Large Standard Library:** Python is having many libraries that we need to download, so you dont have to write your own code for every single thing. Python libraries provide key feature sets which are essential for data science, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

6. **GUI Programming:** Python supports GUI application that can be created and ported to many system calls, libraries and window system. For examle, you can use Tk to ceate basic GUI.

7. **Dynamically Typed**: Program written in python can be copied and used for flexible development application, this means that the type for value is divided at runtime, not in advance.

8. **Object Orientation**: Python is object-oriented so it is organized around objects and objects help breaking-down complex real-life problems into such that they can be coded and solved to obtain solutions.

9. **Supports AI and ML libraries:** Python supports the libraries like Keras, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, etc for Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.


### How Python is used?


Python is basically everywhere and it shows up on embedded devices and every server. Python has several great libraries dedicated to specific areas of science Numpy, SciPy…, are for general purpose. Many organizations are using python these days to perform major tasks like:


- Python is used for building and training artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms

- Python is used for data science related tasks like cleaning , data analysis and others

- Python can connect to database systems where it can also read and modify files

- Python can be used to handle big data and statistics

- Python can be used on a server to create web applications

- Python can be used along side software to create workflow