Top 10 Data Science Books To Read in 2022

Data Science is one of the most promising job role in the year 2020 and in forthcoming years. Many companies like Google, Yahoo, IBM, Facebook etc. are trying to cultivate data science to gain a competitive advantage in their business domain. Almost every company has a Big Data and are looking for Data Scientist who can analyze deluge of data and extract insights related to their business.

As per IBM's Analytics Report, the data science job requirement will soar by 28% in 2022. But the biggest challenge for any organization has become is finding skilled data scientists who have both the theoretical background as well as relevant analytics experience to handle large data sets. Unfortunately, the market is not keeping pace with the needs of the company for data science skills.

I have mentioned the skills required and how to become a successful data scientist in 2022 in my earlier article.

How to Become a Successful Data Scientist in 2022?

This article helps the data science aspirant to get the background and fulfill the industry gap. Here, I list top 10 books which gives strong background in Data Science.