What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is hot Potato in today's digitized world holds the power to build the future by leveraging its services in defending against cyber crimes, Cyber attacks to a safe and threat less world. Cyber Security refers to act of defending systems from unauthorized access, protecting networks, servers, data, devices against intruders . They are motivated in ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability of the systems.

Cyber Security Systems today is built upon multiple tiers with being complexed from level to level in the way they operate or perform. They use multiple tools to find out the flaw in their systems and patch up the leak of data. They make use of Modern software to find out the glitch and analyse them in finding out the future loss that may encounter. They encapsulate the systems in a Secured fashion their by preventing the absurd loss.

Cyber Attacks are evolving menace to the organizations, business, consumers, employees. They take advantage of vulnerabilities and threaten the organization, delete the data, intrude into systems, steal confidential data, blocks your system and much more. They even threaten you if you are their victim which effects your personal lives too.

In today's digital world where data is prey to Hackers as well to commercial business. The type of utility changes with the motivation one uses i.e., to a hacker whose motive is to break the system, to a business purpose to pop-up one's advertisements on their products. As one is using for betterment of their business as solution the other is illicit. Therefore the data is all about how it generates and how will it end up with.


Are you Secured Today?

With the rising inventions today to fulfill the needs the Data generated is digitized for ease of computation. Well, you may think where does we play a role in it? Yes, we are the Actors without intention. We browse, We download applications, We use software , these collect abundant user data. The Privacy terms and conditions you check will no longer provide you secured Browsing. Though you use alternative modes to prevent it this will only hail on surface. All the logs the sites hold about the users activity info may help you in fast accessing the website but it is reading your active info and training their models with your data in designing the next move. The accounts Login, the credentials you hold and the transactions you make are confidential but these reach the destined site in the form of packets in the network.

- What if the connection is Insecure?

- And someone Sniff the Data in transit? or

- Disguise you for some one?

- Are you not the Victim?

So now self assess yourself are you into It?

Trust Issues are now a Puzzle !

Vulnerability, Threat walks hand-in-hand, with the increased pace of today's need ,the website we browse, the application we download or the software you work upon holds unknown loop holes known as Vulnerabilities. These work very prominently for the Intruders to gain access on the system they are working on, probably they may take control over your hard drive too performing malicious activities. Hackers with malign motive take advantage of these Vulnerabilities and invoke the system without the consent of end-user, there by causing loss of Integrity, or menace until Ransom is paid. This is Threat.

Here are some types of Attacks popularly known and need to be aware of

Virus: This is self-replicating Program when once attached to a file it starts running without any second help. This may occur when attachments are downloaded which disguise to be legitimate, Inserting USB's, Pen drives which may harm your functionality. This malware earned the name virus because as it affects a file the infected file also behaves the same.

Trojan: These require human interaction to spread with in the system files and gains the information in the system. They turn out to be the legitimate software over the internet. These are unlike Virus to self-replicate .

Spyware: A program that records your moves in the system without the users consent, this can be used by attackers to gain your confidential data.

Adware: People show extreme usability of the web in clicking the pop-ups of Advertisements over the Sites without prior Knowledge where it redirects to. This may lead to download any kind of file by running in the background to record your Activities.

Botnets: These are remotely operated where one system gets affected by malware, the entire network gets corrupted therefore damage the whole network functionality. This Networks of Malware is used by attackers to perform tasks online without users permission.

SQL Injection: This is operated over the data driven applications. This is a type of Cyber Attack where Attacker tries to inject malicious SQL Statement in to the Data Base.

Ransomware: In this type of attack where the Hacker will block the whole system without letting the user to access their own files and data with the intention of getting paid Ransom.

Phishing: It is the most common type of Attack which spreads through email asking for sensitive information. Phishing attacks are often used to dupe people into handing over credit card data and other personal information.

Denial-of-Service Attack: It is an attack over network and servers by flooding with traffic, denying the service.

How to Defend?

Now, at the end we cannot prevent but we can avoid:

- Do not click All the links you come around !

- Hold your enthusiasm in connecting to open network.

- Download your requirements only from official sites.

- Maintain strong passwords.

- Keep your software updated.

- Change your Passwords frequently.

- Never connect USB's, Pen drives and other data storing devices which seems legitimate in appearance but truly not.

- Train the Employees to conceive the Frequency of loss from Cyber Attacks.

- Bring awareness among the people.